squirrel sql client and jdbc drivers

I started by downloading the squirrel sql client installer as a jar file from the project homepage. (http://squirrel-sql.sourceforge.net/#installation)

I already had java installed on my ubuntu system, so I was able to run the installer jar with:

java -jar installer.jar

So at this point, we have the Squirrel SQL client installed, and we can launch it. I ran into a problem though, in that I wasn’t able to connect to my database.

I didn’t have any Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers available for my newly installed database client to connect to my database.

I set out to find find my missing SQLLite JDBC driver. It looks like squirrel was configured to pull the missing JDBC driver from a public bitbucket project, but that url was no longer working. I instead found the project had a fork on github (Or maybe the project was relocated to github?) I was able to find the current release of the JDBC driver as a jar file here: https://github.com/xerial/sqlite-jdbc/releases. So I downloaded this file and then copied it into my squirrel sql client’s `lib` directory.

With the JDBC driver in place, I was able to connect to my sqllite db!

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