Apple Mail app stopped working with gmail?!

I’m not a huge fan of Apple gear, but I’m well aware that I’m in the minority. My fiancee practically lives on her Macbook Air though. Recently her email application, the Apple Mail app, stopped logging into her GMail and GSuite accounts.

After digging around for a while on various support forum threads and other websites, we stumbled upon this incredibly helpful advice:

There were a few modifications to the process that ended up working for us:

  • open safari and visit
  • click into your account (upper right hand corner) and then click the button to “sign out of all accounts”
Sign out of all Google accounts
  • for each of your Google accounts:
  • restart your Apple computer
    • note: Simply closing the Mail app (and even force quitting) did not reset the authentication for Mail accessing the Google accounts for us. Restarting the computer was necessary.
  • launch the Apple Mail
  • open Mac Mail’s “Connection Doctor” window:
    • top menu > Window > Connection Doctor
Open Apple’s Mail app “Connection Doctor” window
  • This will provide the connectivity status for each of your email accounts setup in the Mail app
Connection Doctor displaying mail account connectivity

Hopefully this saves you some time! It is not fun circling between support forums between 2 large companies pointing the finger at eachother.

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