Making our own RV parts

I need a part!

There’s a plumbing part that has been nearly impossible to find in either stores or online even.

Valterra T58 Twist-on Valve

Valterra T58 Twist-on Valve


What does this part do?

I first heard about this part from Fate Unbound’s youtube channel (

The general idea is that you can use this twist-on valve for 2 main reasons:

  1. an additional safety in case your main gray and/or black tank valves go bad.  (no one wants to deal with a broken black tank valve and nasty water)
  2. combine the dump tank storage capacity of both the gray and black tanks for additional gray water storage.  This is great if you have a composting toilet and no longer use the black tank.  It will allow you to boondock for longer periods of time.

Until we install our composting toilet, we’ll be using this as an additional safety valve to prevent nasty messes!

So what can we do?

We can build our own!

I started digging around on Amazon looking for parts to build my own twist-on valve. I found a few things that looked like they might work, but then I found this YouTube video detailing the parts I needed! A huge thanks to Radio Arizona RV for putting this together!

What I ended up purchasing:

I’m only a DIYer (read: not a plumbing professional) so there may be a better way to do all of this, including using a different PVC cement.

I used the PVC cement to glue the T1006 Spigot Flange to the T1028 rotating pipe adapter piece.

The finished product

Mine may not be as pretty, but at least it’s just as functional.


The original Valterra T58 twist-on valve part is now available online, but I’m glad I know how to build my own just in case the inventory levels plummet again.

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